Monday, April 6, 2009


My dear laptop, my Inspiron 9300. My trusty friend. It has gone to Las Vegas with me, camping every weekend, Panera, the library... need I go on? It has officially bit the dust. Three different computer techs told me that repairing it would be in vain. For alas, it's time has come.

I am now relegated to using the kidlet's computer. The homepage is and I've had to build a new bookmark tab just for mommy.

No more late nights in bed with Inspy. No more wishing the community pool had Wi-Fi. I'm now confined to a desk that is cluttered with Webkinz tags and lip gloss. *Sniff*

Rest in peace Inspy! You will be sorely missed, but your 5 years of service will be remembered fondly.

OK, so how much do laptops go for on eBay when you're selling them for scrap? Anyone?

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LoveCreations24 said...

I have no clue. You could probably try craigslist too. Good luck though! Just reading this reminds me that I need a laptop...and I despise laptops. I hate the keyboards - my fingers always touch every other key than the one that I want...