Monday, February 16, 2015

The Resurrection

I've decided that it's high time to resurrect this blog. It's been almost 6 years since I last wrote, and a lot has changed. I'm no longer a soccer mom. My girls are teenagers now, and I'm stagnant. I work part time outside the home, and still have my home business. Did I say stagnant? Been married 20 years now. Again, stagnant.

One thing that isn't stagnant is my ever loving disdain of stupid people. I swear I think stupid people multiply like bunnies because they are everywhere. The older my girls get, the more I realize that teenagers are just plain stupid. I don't know if the constant checking of Twitter and Instagram has made them such, or if the teenage brain has evolved backwards, in to a more under-developed version of teenagers long ago.

I honestly don't remember being so stupid when I was 13 and almost 15. I'm not talking about lacking in street smarts, because let's face it, that comes mostly from experience. No, I'm talking about common sense. You need a coat when it's 15 degrees in Chicago, no? How about planning at least 12 hours in advance if you need $50 from mom for a school outing? No? You want a new dress for the school dance but don't want to help unload the dishwasher? Seriously?

I swear I'm not raising stupid lazy daughters. I empower them, give them freedom, cheer them on, embrace their differences and abilities.... So where did the lazy, stupid brain come from?

More to come....