Friday, May 1, 2009

Are you a girly girl?

I ask this question, because deep down, I'm a total girly girl. I love having perfect makeup and hair, a feminine outfit, matching shoes and purse (usually a Coach) and pretty perfume. Unfortunately, most people see me in yoga pants (with hot glue stains all over them) and some ratty, retro t-shirt.

But yesterday, I went with two dear friends to have mani/pedis. For an hour and a half, we chatted while our feet soaked and our hands massaged. It was LOVELY!!!!

I would think that even if your not a typical girly girl, you would still benefit from some serious girlfriend time. I think all women need to take time for themselves. Especially us full-time moms. Our lives revolve around our kidlets. Bless you if you have more than two like me and my girlfriends that I was with yesterday. We seriously don't know how you do it! I can barely keep track of my kidlet's activities, homework, friends, moods, etc....

Oh, and not to mention those husbands who constantly disrupt our lives!

So today, I challenge all you soccer moms out there to do one nice thing for yourselves this month. Be it a mani/pedi with girlfriends, or a long, leisurly walk with a sister. Whatever, just treat yourself once a month. It will re-engerize you!