Friday, February 15, 2008

No Invite to the Orgy

Did you know that the word Orgy originates from the Greeks and Romans? Go figure! and the word orgy actually means, "A revel involving unrestrained indulgence". So when our annual invitation to our school's biggest fundraiser, the annual auction, came in the mail, I had thoughts of auctions of the past. Open bar, plenty of laughing, eating WAY too much, just an overall good, adult time with our friends.

So imagine my surprise that my group of "friends" had already rsvp'd an entire table without us! It's embarrassing enough when your husband turns you down for sex in favor of the new Playstation game, but when your friends don't invite you to the orgy? How do I show my face at the next school board meeting?

So what does this mean? Am I a social outcast? Was my suggestion of doing body shots last year in bad taste? Do I smell? So I had to ask, right? All I got was shrugged shoulders and a quick change of conversation. I still need to get to the bottom of this.

But let me ask this... when the moms get shunned, does this mean that the children should be shunned as well? When does the shunning stop? Are there rules for shunning? I don't believe Miss Manners has ever covered the adult orgy shun. Hmmm.... maybe I should look through the back issues of the Playboy Advisor for this one!