Monday, October 6, 2008

The Flag, The Screw & The Brain

So, if you are a suburban mom like I am, you decorate for each and every holiday. This entails taking the American Flag down for several weeks so that your decorative holiday flag and get it's share of time on the flagpole. We have been experiencing flagpole problems. Our dear American Flag lost it's attachment thingy on the bottom, so I sewed a grommet and attached a niftly little clip to the flagpole in an effort to keep it from twisting.

So after carefully arranging my corn stalks (and why does the grocery store call them "shalks"?) and tying them with a pretty hand-made bow by yours truly, and hanging my darling Halloween sign on the door, and arranging a pretty table with black tablecloth and pretty mum plants, I went to change out my flag. And that's when I found it. The screw.

It seems as though hubby decided that my hand sewn grommet was not to his liking. He decided to SCREW (with a washer for added effect no less) the flag to the flagpole. Now, my first thought was, "OK, I will unscrew the flag and hang my Halloween flag." Nope. No can do. Because now the entire contraption that actually holds the bottom of the flag to the pole is gone.

So my next thought was this... "I wonder how my husband can go all day without getting a headache? Because his brains are in is ASS!"

Seriously? What the hell??? Does anyone else have to deal with this level of stupidity daily?

Friday, October 3, 2008

October is Here! Yay?

It's that time of the year again... leaves starting to change, baseball playoffs, high school homecomings, and the dreaded costume challenge. Last year the kidlets went as a Celtic Princess and a Devil, very fitting if you know my kidlets. This year they both want to go as Sharpei from High School Musical. And they are fighting. Over who gets to be Sharpei. Now, the littlest kidlet would be an awesome Sharpei, the older kidlet, not so much. So as a mom, how do you tactfully tell an 8 1/2 year old that she isn't Sharpei? Well, you don't. So I told neither of them can be Sharpei.

Whatever happened to being a witch? Oh wait, that's my everyday costume!