Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Laundry Fairy

What is it with kids and husbands? Do they think the Laundry Fairy comes and does all the work? I sort clothes into four different hampers; Whites, Darks, Reds/Pinks/Purples, Lights. Every time I go do to a load (each hamper contains 2 loads), there is more. I swear laundry and rabbits are related. It all multiplies overnight.

I work from home, I have two businesses that I own. It's just me, no other employees. I am also Daisy Scout troop leader, Brownie Cookie Mom, Gift Certificate Chairperson for the annual Book Fair, Room Mom for Kindergarten, and a few other miscellaneous jobs at school that I can't remember. I also shuttle the kiddos to and from skating, dance, play dates, birthday parties, etc... you get the idea.

So when the hell do I have time for laundry? (And cooking, cleaning, ironing, sleep, shower....) Well, I have decided that the Laundry Fairy needs to visit my house. Since my family thinks that laundry "automatically" is done the minute it hits the hamper, then I think the Laundry Fairy needs to make a pit stop at my house once a week with that magic wand of hers.

What I really want to know, however, is there an Ironing Fairy? Ironing? Yes, I still do that.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome to all my fellow moms!!!

Ah yes! Sex and the soccer mom. NOT! Who the hell has time? Between ballet, skating, school, homework, cleaning (did I really just say cleaning?) who seriously has time for sex? OK, so I'm not a soccer mom, but I am a mom of two very busy girls. My husband is your typical suburban husband. He works, comes home, eats, watches sports and goes to bed. That is where is he now. In bed. I'm downstairs typing on my computer. See how the "sex" works out? Who is having sex these days? Well, besides Brittany Spears and her shaved va-jay-jay. Who has time to have sex? And if you are finding the time, will you please share your secret with the rest of us?

Speaking of "The Secret" I haven't read it yet. I'm waiting for the Cliff Notes version. Because once again, I don't have time to read. Sometimes I feel like I have to schedule my bathroom breaks. Some of my suburban mom friends talk about "date nights" with their husbands. Again, this is a totally foreign concept to me. I mean, when one has to wake up at 6am to take a little cheeleader to a pee-wee football game, who wants to get drunk and laid the night before? Where is the balance? Is there such a thing as balance when you are a middle-aged mom?

One thing I am grateful for? All day Kindergarten. Finally I get to go to Target by myself!

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