Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Laundry Fairy

What is it with kids and husbands? Do they think the Laundry Fairy comes and does all the work? I sort clothes into four different hampers; Whites, Darks, Reds/Pinks/Purples, Lights. Every time I go do to a load (each hamper contains 2 loads), there is more. I swear laundry and rabbits are related. It all multiplies overnight.

I work from home, I have two businesses that I own. It's just me, no other employees. I am also Daisy Scout troop leader, Brownie Cookie Mom, Gift Certificate Chairperson for the annual Book Fair, Room Mom for Kindergarten, and a few other miscellaneous jobs at school that I can't remember. I also shuttle the kiddos to and from skating, dance, play dates, birthday parties, etc... you get the idea.

So when the hell do I have time for laundry? (And cooking, cleaning, ironing, sleep, shower....) Well, I have decided that the Laundry Fairy needs to visit my house. Since my family thinks that laundry "automatically" is done the minute it hits the hamper, then I think the Laundry Fairy needs to make a pit stop at my house once a week with that magic wand of hers.

What I really want to know, however, is there an Ironing Fairy? Ironing? Yes, I still do that.

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