Saturday, March 28, 2009

I won the lottery


The Haitian lottery emailed me again to let me know I won a second lottery!!! I'm so excited!!!

Yet another story on why the CPSIA laws need to go....

I belong to "Amend the CPSIA". You can read all about the new CPSIA laws by clicking on the orange type logo on the right ------------------->>>

I joined the fight because of my own business,, but also because of what the new laws mean to folks who cannot afford to shop at regular retail stores. Thrift, second-hand and consignment stores are going to be the hardest hit. Thankfully my local Good Will has signs up that say they do not need to conform to the new laws, and I'm still able to buy my daughter's fair share of Abercrombie shirts there, but there are many other stores that are throwing all children's clothing and toys away. This means our landfills are going to burst with perfectly usuable children's clothing and toys.

Please read this mom's story, and you'll see how far these crazy new laws are going: Family Story

Friday, March 27, 2009

People Who Stand too Close

I was just at the post office. Of course there was a line, so I'm standing there, counting ceiling tiles. A woman walks in and gets in line behind me. REALLY behind me. So close behind me that if she was any closer, she would be in front of me. I can smell her hairspray and her chewing gum. I take a step forward, but so much as I'm getting into the personal space of the man in front of me. And what does she do? She steps even CLOSER to me!

I hope she got a good whiff - I haven't showered yet today, nor have I put on deodorant.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby News!

Don't get your undies in a bunch! It is SO NOT me!!! I haven't carried a diaper bag in 5 years, and have lost my ability to lactate. Nope, this uterus is closed for business.

Two news stories, involving babies, grabbed my attention today. First, Anne (I came from another planet) Heche and her man James (of course I would leave Coley Laffoon for him) Tupper became the proud parents of baby ATLAS. Yep, that's Atlas as in, "Honey, we're heading out on the road, have you seen the road ATLAS?" I usually don't make fun of celebrity baby names, but Atlas? There isn't even a good nickname for the poor kid. "Hey AT, wanna play some pick-up this afternoon?" Nope, that doesn't work. "Hey Las, wanna go make-out?" Don't see that happening. I think this poor woman's epidural worked a little too well and numbed her brain cells along with her spine.

The second news story that grabbed my attention was that Bristol Palin and baby-daddy Levi Johnston broke up just two months after the teens had their son. Well hit me over the head with a loaf of rye! I never saw that one coming (she says in full eye-roll). "Gee, mom is running for Vice President and I'm pregant... what am I gonna do? I know, we'll have mom's brand new, GOP paid publicist put a spin on it! We'll say that me and the baby-daddy are REALLY engaged! We'll have the GOP buy him a spankin' new suit and strut him on the stages with me! Yeah! That'll work!"

I see a movie deal for Bristol. I could only hope that Planned Parenthood uses pictures of both Bristol and Anne in their posters for birth control.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What did you give up for Lent?

Lent, for my fellow Catholics, started on Ash Wednesday February 25th. It is tradition to give something up for Lent. Something that you, perhaps, enjoy. A friend of mine gave up Diet Coke. Another friend is doing a daily random act of kindness instead of giving up something. All good.

I decided to give up yelling at my kidlets. Not that I enjoying yelling at children, but it's something that I shouldn't be doing anyway, and I thought that 40 days of not yelling, might actually stop the yelling permanently.

That lasted approximately 4 minutes and 36 seconds.

So then I decided that I would give up yelling at my ever-lovin' husband. That went better. It lasted almost 12 hours!

So now I'm doing a random act of kindness daily. Today, my random act of kindness involves this: Spreading the word about this fantastic website I found!!! If you love quirky t-shirts, you will love Cotton Factory! And the prices are phenominal!!! So check them out!

Really, if anything, you will get a good chuckle :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The "Made Up" Moms at School

I just don't get it. I really don't. It's 8am, and your taking your kidlets to school. You walk them up to the door, and there they are. The "Made Up" moms. You know the type - freshly showered, dressed in designer jeans and heeled boots, hair perfectly coiffed, and make up flawlessly in place. What the???? What time do these ladies wake up in the morning to achieve that?

When I was working outside the home, I could look that way too by 8am. But we are talking about a bunch of SAH moms here. Personally, I look forward to my shower when I get home from taking the kidlets to school. No "mom, mom, mom" when I'm shaving. No one walking into the bathroom asking me where their math book may be hidden. No interruptions. Period. I savor that morning shower every day.

In the afternoon, you will find me at pick-up showered and clean, but I'm not there to impress anyone, so don't expect make up and coiffed hair every day. (Oh, and I probally have stubbly legs under my discount jeans.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Such a WASTE of a rose!!!

So I've been watching the Bachelor. I mean face it, who hasn't been watching? Even my ever lovin' husband got into it this season. Now, I knew that he was going to dump Melissa - it was all over the web. But what a WASTE of a good rose!

Then I had this monumental thought!

Maybe they hand out roses because roses die quickly! I mean, if the relationship was going to last, wouldn't they hand out carnations? Or how about a nice silk flower if they were thinking forever?

Speaking of silk flowers, I have these cuties in my Etsy store:

Click on my link there ------------->
And mention you saw it on my blog, and get 20% off :)

So, back to The Bachelor... what bombshell is going to be dropped tonight? After The Rose Part 2
Do we really need a part 2?

Monday, March 2, 2009

So I fell down the stairs today

I work from home, right? So working from home includes the occasional laundry break (I drink coffee all day long, so taking an actual coffee break isn't time conducive). Well, lo and behold, I finally did it. Falling that is. Down the stairs. With the full laundry basket. Right onto my bad shoulder.

I'm in pain.

Mention the "Graceful" fall in any private message to me on Etsy, eBay or Bonanzle, and get 30% any item.


I'm like a lost sheep

So where have I been for the last 2 months? I feel like a little lost sheep... where's my border collie?

The last two months have been a whirlwind of eBay listings, uploading eBay listings to Bonanzle, and opening a shop on Etsy. If you haven't checked out these two new, amazing sites yet, please do so!!! Bonanzle is a great alternative to eBay. Lower prices for both buyers and sellers, and friendly, fun people!

Etsy is for anything handcrafted. And don't think your grandmother's church craft fair with crochet doilies. Nope, this is the real deal. Check out my shop ------>>>> and then check out other folks' shops. I found the most wonderful handcrafted Valentine's Day cards, and for less than I could have purchased at Hallmark :)

But you didn't come hear to read up on my business adventures!!! You want some blurb or something random that we can all find humor in, right?

I turned 40 a few weeks ago. Yay. Now, for those of you that know me personally, you already know that I could care less about birthdays. It's just a number, right? I mean, internally I feel like I'm still somewhere around 25, so no biggie. My ever lovin' husband and kidlets got me a book and a new computer game. Woo hoo!!!

But my BIG birthday gift was the new TV. Yep. Our oldie but goodie crapped out two weeks before my birthday, It was one of those HUGE tube version RCA's, 14 years old and counting. So instead of a nice spa weekend for me, in honor of my 40th, I got a new 40" LCD (free Blue Ray player with purchase). Yay me.

Oh, and I almost forgot. My cat gave me a lovely gift also. She puked all over my office.