Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yet another story on why the CPSIA laws need to go....

I belong to "Amend the CPSIA". You can read all about the new CPSIA laws by clicking on the orange type logo on the right ------------------->>>

I joined the fight because of my own business,, but also because of what the new laws mean to folks who cannot afford to shop at regular retail stores. Thrift, second-hand and consignment stores are going to be the hardest hit. Thankfully my local Good Will has signs up that say they do not need to conform to the new laws, and I'm still able to buy my daughter's fair share of Abercrombie shirts there, but there are many other stores that are throwing all children's clothing and toys away. This means our landfills are going to burst with perfectly usuable children's clothing and toys.

Please read this mom's story, and you'll see how far these crazy new laws are going: Family Story

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