Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ling Ling Potstickers and Guacamole Doritos

So here's the deal, I'm PMSing. That means that I go from cleaning every square inch of my house to eating. Then sleep. Lots of it. Get up, and repeat. My favorite thing to eat whilst PMSing was Guacamole Doritos:

Shame on the folks at Frito Lay for discontinuing this product. I hope they know that there are probably THOUSANDS, if not MILLIONS of very angry PMSing women all over the world that curse their name at least once a month.

And in case you ask, no, guacamole dip and regular ole tostada chips are NOT the same. (Please note the anger in my voice.)

So I have resorted to Ling Ling Potstickers. Not quite the same combination of spicy and salty that my body craves, but none-the-less, fulfilling in their own way. The one thing that bugs me every time though, is that I prepare my potstickers according to the directions. But they still STICK. Mine never look like this:

Mine look like broken pieces of albino skin with pieces of vegetables and cabbage sticking out. That's not normal, right? A little dip in some soy sauce and they are good to go though.

OK, so share with me YOUR favorite PMSing food and activities...


Anonymous said...

Potato chip cookies , raw choc. chic cookie dough and godd old Coca Cola !

Michelle said...

Coke and chocolate!

Michelle said...

Coke and chocolate!