Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Junkyard

Literally. That's where my ever-lovin' husband's car is going to end up. He had a minor fender bender last week and totaled his car. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, and the folks he hit were not hurt. In fact, their car has a dent in the bumper. My husband's car? Totaled. Now, you might be asking how can one one total one's car in a minor fender bender. It's all in the air bags my friend. The second those air bags deploy, if the car isn't worth at least $4k, then the car is totaled.

Who knew that it was at least four THOUSAND dollars to replace air bags after they have been deployed? Geesh! And here's the kicker... hubby didn't even come in contact with the deployed air bag because his seat belt locked like it is supposed to do!

So, we are car shopping for a VERY used car.

After my laptop died last week, and now the car... we are accepting donations. Personally, I would like each reader to send in a box of $100 dollar bills. It doesn't have to be a big box...

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