Friday, April 3, 2009

Racing between stop signs

I don't get it. You give a man a navy blue car, with some really cool lights and antennas on top, and they think they can race from one stop sign to another. I live in a residential area (OK, that sounded stupid. What? As opposed to living in a non-residential area?) and there are a lot of moms waking strollers, kids, etc... you get the idea. Typical postcard suburb. It seems as though all the police officers in our town feel the need to speed between the 800+ stop signs that dot our streets. It really irritates me.

Now, before you call me one of "those" moms, that yells at every teenage driver speeding down the street. You'd be right. If the kidlets are outside playing, I'm like a mother lion. One blown tire, and if your speeding, my kidlet is toast.

And that goes for you too Mr. "I am the Law" police officer.

So the next time you see my white minivan (and by the way, never, and I mean never, blow off a mom in a minivan), you can be sure that I'm going to write down your plate number. Hell, I might even buy a radar gun ;)

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