Monday, April 20, 2009

The Domesticated Husband

Do you have one of these? Cooks a great dinner, knows how to do laundry, can even vacuum if prodded. However, anything mechanical is completely lost on him. This describes my ever lovin' husband.

The darling comes home from work today and I tell him that my printer is dead. His printer has been dead for at least 7 months now and it is still sitting on his desk. I told him that I was researching printers, and I'm going to get a new one (to go with my fancy new laptop). He lost a gasket!!! "I'm sure it can be fixed" he says. Uh, yeah, like yours?

So, I'm sitting here chuckling while he is over there throwing out four letter words, and shredding paper in the broken printer. He's been at it for about 10 minutes now, and just announced that it's dead. Thanks buddy. I was throwing out four letter words and shredding paper for 4 hours straight today. I also unscrewed the top and pulled it apart and still found nothing to make it jam. Please note, there is no screwdriver in my man's hand.

So, I better put some real pants on now. I'm sure the salesperson at Best Buy/Staples/Walmart/Target (where ever I end up) won't want to see my flannel pajama bottoms.

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