Monday, March 31, 2008

And the Bad Mommy award goes to....

ME of course! I had kicked the kidlets and the husband out so I could work on our taxes when the phone call came. "Are you guys coming?" I quickly flip through the family calender and see it there in red permanent marker, "J's Birthday Party 1-4pm". My 6 year old's best little girlfriend. I blew it. I completely forgot about J's birthday party! ARGH!!!!!

But what I want to know, is why is this type of thing all the mom's fault? Why wasn't my other half responsible in some way? He remembered his boy's night out on Saturday, why couldn't he have remembered the birthday party? I laid in bed last night with the worst mommy guilt. How the Hell would I explain this to my daughter before she faced J at school in the morning? While I stared at the ceiling at 2am, the other half was snoring away!

So now I'm sitting here hitting myself over the head, thinking of ways to make it up to both girls. A trip to Build A Bear? A trip to Libby Lu? How about if I just hand each of them a $50 and call it a day? I'm sure my other half is sitting at his desk, worrying about the same thing. (Yeah, right.)

So does mommy guilt ever go away? Is this why we end up in therapy? I love therapy by the way, and highly recommend it!


On a serious note, please continue to think good thoughts and pray (if you are the praying type) for Tricia and Nate. They received word last night that a set of lungs were available only to learn in the wee hours of the morning that they weren't suitable for Tricia. Bless the family that made the choice to donate organs! Please sign the back of your driver's license and tell your family your wishes to be an organ donor.

To read about Tricia, Nate & their beautiful baby girl, please visit: Confessions of a CF Husband

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