Friday, March 28, 2008

The New "Nooner"

Remember those pre-kids days when you could sit and watch TV, whether it be Friends, Seinfeld or porn, any old time of the day? Well here I am at 1:30am watching some adult TV. No, not porn! But stuff that I wouldn't want my kids to see or hear. They have heard the word, "SEX" more times that I care to admit, but I have yet to have the question asked. And that is fine with me.

(As the mother of two girls, with more curiosity than most, I had an abbreviated tampon talk with them once. They see the book, "The Care and Keeping of You" as a bedtime story.)

I digress.

So, my new nooner is usually around midnight, with my DVR and my remote. So when I hear the word "SEX" I can remember the good old days. When I had some. At midnight. And not watching others doing it on TV.

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