Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

It is that time of the year again! Spring break! This is definitely a "man" made thing. Us moms? Nope. The kids would be in school year round without a day's break if you ask me. Not that I don't love my children. I do! But when they are at home, without the structure of the daily grind, they turn into fighting, whining little brats. And I say that in the most sincere of ways!

But what has really gotten to me is the mess in the house. Everywhere I look there are dirty socks, empty cups, video games, and just a mess everywhere I go! And that is just the mess my husband leaves behind! With the girls home, I have Webkinz, Barbies, American Girl dolls, dress-up clothes, baby dolls, clothes (should I go on?) laying all over the place.

Since both children have been nothing but sick this past winter (I am on a first name basis with both school nurses, and all 4 pediatricians in the practice), I vowed that the three of us would stay home this week and stay away from certain childhood cesspools of infections. That lasted a day. My father in law asked if he could take the girls to this local indoor fun park yesterday, and of course I couldn't resist a few hours of silence!

Well, I best be getting to the vacuum. If I can find it. Under the candy wrappers and dirty socks.

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