Thursday, September 4, 2008

Life, Love & The Pursuit of Mommy Happiness!

Wow! It has been an entire month since I have written! It's not that I have had nothing to say - let's face it, I ALWAYS have something to say! But we have been very busy. We decided to move. We have been mulling over this decision for months, and then this GREAT house became available, just a few blocks from the kidlets school. So, needless to say, we had to pack, move and then try to get the old house ready to sell. We're still in the process. But it's only been a week and a half, so I'm confident that the old house will be on the market in the next year or so!

Then the kidlets started school last week. Yep, right smack dab in the middle of moving. Can you say chaos! No one wanted to sleep, no one wanted to go to school, and that's just me! The kidlets were not cooperative in the least. And hubby and I finally figured out why we have no money in the college savings accounts - we moved no less than 20 Rubbermaid bins filled with toys. We must have at least $5k invested in Barbies alone. Moms with boys, I cheer you on!

That's all I've got for now, but check back later. I have a comment or two about Parking Lot Ettiquette that I need to brush off my shoulders!

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