Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am officially a "Soccer Mom"

It's official. The youngest kidlet started soccer, and today was her first soccer game! She donned her red jersey, shin guards and cleats. Then applied bright blue eye shadow and lip gloss before she took the field. At only 6, she is definitely a Sarah Jessica Parker in the making. I am certain that she will be on the big screen before Suri Cruise.

So, as much as like I like to snark like a Soccer Mom, I am now officially one.

The game was awesome! 10 little girls running around and trying to kick that ball. More often than not, kicking each other or some harmless blades of grass. The true highlight of the game came in the second half when my kidlet scored a goal! Too bad is was the opposing teams goal, but it was a goal nonetheless. Kidlet seemed to zone out during the part when the coach was telling them that they were now to score in the opposite goal than when they first started the game. I think she was reapplying lipgloss. Hey, gotta look good out there!

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