Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Mullet By Any Other Name....

We are vacationing in Michigan for a long weekend. And of course not only did I bring the laptop with, I also vehemently people watch. We were at the beach, and littlest kidlet needed to potty. So I stand in line with a sand-covered, bronzed six year old, waiting for the next available stall to open. There stood in front of us was a mom with her son. The tyke couldn't have been more than four, but he sprouted a mullet from his round little head. His bangs were uber-short, as was the rest of the hair on his head. The hair on the back of his head was half-way down his back. I sized up mom and realized then where the mullet came from. Mom is wearing a standard mom-issued skirted tankini, but unlike myself, she had the strangest tattoo on her shoulder. Now, I am certainly not looking down on anyone with a tatoo (I secretely desire one myself, but that is another post and I digress), it's just HER tatoo that had me pondering. On her shoulder was Minnie Mouse, er, uh, a WELL endowed Minnie Mouse holding a bong. Minnie's eyes were glassy and she was holding her skirt up on one side to reveal a garter belt and nothing else.

So, ladies, please. A little decorum. Should you find yourself with a tattoo that is rather, um, questionable, please visit a plastic surgeon and have it removed. Or else you might feel compelled to think that mullets are just fine.

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