Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Nipples

I found myself alone for a few hours today, so I parked myself in an over-sized chair and helped myself to an over-sized, over-priced cup of coffee at the neighborhood Starbucks. I was planning on writing, but brought along the latest of my summer reads instead. One of the barristas was this skinny guy, in his 20s maybe? Anyway, he had on this tight white, lycra t-shirt. Let's just say that the coffee shop was air conditioned. And let's just say that that this guy was not wearing a padded bra. Being the people watcher that I am, I couldn't help but stare at his nipples. He had the SMALLEST nipples I have ever seen! Now, I'm not a nipple connesouir by any means, but these things were like little soldiers standing at attention to the best of their abilities. And because the lycra tee was white, you could see the outline of the areaola. And they were damn small as well. Huh. I wonder if this guy's girlfriend (and or boyfriend) has ever told him to stop wearing these types of shirts. Or maybe they are the reason he DOES wear these types of shirts! LOL! Blech!

OK, this is weird. I should stop. See what happens when kids are on summer vacation? Their mom's minds turn to mush.

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