Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Naughty Nurse

Why do adults ask you what you're going to be for Halloween? Are there really adults that actually dress up in costumes anymore? I'm not talking about the adult costume party, or the role-playing outfits that you may have for those rare, but intimate fun moments with your significant other. No, I'm talking about fellow parents. Standing, waiting to pick up the kidlets from school yesterday, one of the dads asked me what I was going to be for Halloween. I told him that I was going as what I do every year - mom. He then proceeded to tell me what him and his wife were dressing as. Do I really need to know that he's taking his kids trick-or-treating dressed as a pimp, complete with giant hat and white patent leather shoes? Or that his wife is dressing like Cleopatra? I think not. Sorry, no interest here.

My main concern this Halloween was how my older daughter's costume was going to turn out. No, silly fool, I didn't sew it. I ordered it like a normal busy person would do. However, her costume did not come in a child's size, so we ordered an adult's small. My daughter is tall, and does wear my t-shirts comfortably, so I thought this would work. After $20 in alterations, it does work. Nothing like putting over $80 into a costume (that includes the necessary accessories that I will have to carry while she trick-or-treats) that my daughter will wear once.

Ah yes, Halloween, the start of all the BIG holidays that we pour nothing but money into, and get nothing out of. Well, I do get all the candy that the kidlets won't eat. (And empty half the bags of candy purchased to hand out.) Welcome to Halloween week!!!

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