Monday, October 22, 2007

Sexy Sarcasm?

When my husband and I first started dating, besides a love of beer and bar darts, we also shared a love of sarcasm. We could people watch just about anywhere and make sarcastic comments about the guy at Jiffy Lube and whether or not he knew that his pants were too tight in the crotch area.

But after almost 13 years of marriage, the sarcasm has lost its luster. When I try to snuggle up in bed, I do not need a sarcastic diatribe on my stubbly legs. Believe me, there is no quicker mood killer than to aim your sarcasm towards your wife in bed.

Sarcasm used to be sexy. Especially when your shared sarcasm was like a secret code only you two shared. That glint in your man's eyes would send chills right to your G-Spot. But lately I'm thinking that my husband's sarcasm wasn't genetic, it's more like in-breeding gone wrong. Like your neighbor's Dalmation. He's so friggin' cute, but after a few years of watching and being party to his antics, it's now a little annoying.

So, what to do? Divorce? Nah, you still love him. Counseling? Doubtful, only because many therapists are sarcastic in-breds themselves. So that only leaves withholding sex, which is fine by you - it means you won't have to shave again until next summer.

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