Monday, April 28, 2008

Attention new moms!

There is this little burger joint in the heart of our town's downtown area that is a popular hang-out with the bike-riding kid crowd. I was there on Saturday with my eight year old, her friend, and my twelve year old niece. Being girls, we were all laughing and having a great time over our cheese fries. There were tables full of kids that are allowed to ride their bikes to the main strip in town, indulging on chocolate malts and kid banter. Sitting behind my girls was this couple with a new baby. New Mom was standing, bouncing baby, shushing baby, and trying to get baby to sleep. All the while, she is shooting me (the only other mom in the place) these dirty looks like, "Can't you quiet your children? I'm trying to get my baby to sleep!" And of course I'm shooting her looks back like, "Uh honey, if you want your baby to sleep, take baby home!"

So, a call out to all new moms.... I don't care that you come waltzing into our burger joint with your stroller, babysling, breastfeeding cover-up and diaper bag stuffed with a month's worth of supplies! This is a hang-out for our children. That sweet little baby of yours is going to eventually grow up to be a noisy kid that is going to laugh and talk loudly. They will likely wake up a sleeping baby or two in their lifetime. You have GET OVER IT! And if you want your baby to sleep, go home, lay in your bed and put the baby to the breast and fall asleep yourself. At least, that is what always worked for me! Oh, and one more thing, you don't need a diaper bag stuffed to the gills. Really, you don't. All that diaper bag does is hurt your shoulder and scream NEW MOM HERE!

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